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Fragment Analysis

Fragment analysis is a genetic analysis method where the size, height and area of fluorescently labelled DNA fragments are determined utilising capillary electrophoresis and genetic analysers.

Kawsar Biotech Company is one of the largest providers of genomic services in the country and has a longstanding history of providing high-quality fragment analysis services in a timely manner to customers by utilising experts in this field.

Fragment analysis results will be sent to the customers via email within one to two working days of the date samples were received by the lab. Our technical support team can be contacted during office hours in case of any related problems arising. Additionally, our bioinformatics team is also available to promptly analyse and interpret fragment analysis data and results if requested.

Though the customers are not required to send size standards with their samples, they can be added to samples per the customers’ request.


Features and Benefits of KBC’s Fragment Analysis Services:

  • ffordable
  • High-quality results
  • Quick result turnaround time
  • Various calibration dye sets
  • Analysis of fragment analysis results at the customer’s request
  • Optimized protocols for consistent and high-quality results

Fragment Analysis Services:

  • Fragment analysis of PCR products
  • Aneuploidy analysis (QF-PCR)
  • MLPA
  • Fragment analysis of MLPA PCR products
  • Final analysis of MLPA, QF-PCR and identification results




Our Mission:

To reach new heights in product quality, variety, range and export, specialised services and impactful research, and to become a pioneer in these fields, both domestically and internationally. We hope that by doing so, we will be able to raise our country’s national standards in all these matters.

Our Vision:

To excel in developing innovative scientific procedures and solutions for various biotech industries to achieve a better tomorrow for Iran.

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