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DNA profiling

DNA Profiling or DNA Fingerprinting is a molecular analysis method developed by Alec Jeffreys in 1984 which allows for the identification of individuals based on the repetitive sequences in their genome. In this method, the DNA samples of individuals are used to create their respective DNA profiles and are then compared to each other. As each individual’s DNA profile is unique, in cases where two DNA profiles match, the profiles belong to the same individual. Thus, DNA profiling can be utilised for a variety of human identification purposes, such as human identification, kinship determination and perpetrator identification.

Kawsar Biotech Company provides high-quality DNA profiling services in a timely manner to customers by utilising experts in this field and using DNA from blood, hair, tooth, bone, muscle tissue, biological fluid and oral swab samples, PCR products and DBC cards.

DNA Profiling results will be sent to the customers via email within two weeks of the date samples were received by the lab. Our technical support team can be contacted during office hours in case of any related problems arising. Additionally, our bioinformatics team is also available to promptly analyse and interpret fragment analysis data and results if requested.

Our Mission:

To reach new heights in product quality, variety, range and export, specialised services and impactful research, and to become a pioneer in these fields, both domestically and internationally. We hope that by doing so, we will be able to raise our country’s national standards in all these matters.

Our Vision:

To excel in developing innovative scientific procedures and solutions for various biotech industries to achieve a better tomorrow for Iran.

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