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MLPA (Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification) is a molecular method developed by MRC Holland in 2002 for the rapid and accurate detection of copy number variations (deletions or duplications) and point mutations in a wide range of genetic diseases.

This method is able to quantify DNA and measure gene dosage at 40 to 50 different locations in a PCR reaction, which is achieved by designing complementary sets of probes that target a specific region of the genome to determine its copy number. The probe pairs are then specifically hybridized to certain sequences in the genome. As the MLPA method is capable of detecting even single nucleotide changes at the junction of the probe pairs, this feature can be utilised to design specific probes for the detection of known point mutations.

MLPA’s greatest advantage is that it can quickly and easily determine the number of unknown gene copy numbers, while in similar methods, such as real-time PCR, any deletions or insertions at the site of study should be determined prior to the analysis procedure.

Kawsar Biotech Company is not only one of the largest providers of genomic services in the country, but is also the exclusive sales representative of MLPA kits in Iran and has extensive experience in mutation detection. In addition to selling MRC Holland’s MLPA Kits, this company also provides a variety of MLPA services, such as troubleshooting, customer education, MLPA data and result analysis and supplying control DNAs in a timely manner to customers by utilising experts in this field.

For urgent samples, it can be arranged for the MLPA results to be sent to the customers via email within three working days of the date samples were received by the lab. Our technical support team can be contacted during office hours in case of any related problems arising.

Features and Benefits of MLPA Services:

  • Simultaneous detection of copy number variations at 40 to 50 different locations
  • Determination of genomic DNA methylation rate
  • mRNA analysis
  • High quality of service  

Our Mission:

To reach new heights in product quality, variety, range and export, specialised services and impactful research, and to become a pioneer in these fields, both domestically and internationally. We hope that by doing so, we will be able to raise our country’s national standards in all these matters.

Our Vision:

To excel in developing innovative scientific procedures and solutions for various biotech industries to achieve a better tomorrow for Iran.

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